DXJ-1400 Corrugated Box Stitching Machine

Model DXJ-1400 Corrugated Cardboard Stitcher

The DXJ Box stitching machine adopts double eccentric wheel structure, pressure angle used suitable cutter point. The interchangeability assembling parts adopt rolling bearing so machine run more stable and faster, stitch fixable, long time use life.

it can staples 2 pins in single press (stroke) at same time.

It has improved the structure of the head and adopts electromagnetic clutch to control the brake which has the advantages of quick stitching, flexible braking and little noise. It is very popular used in carton factory to make the corrugated boxes.

The mechanical adjustable position plate control the lapping position instead of manual control. The original single arm structure change to Longmen strong structure and meet the direction of the box in a single direction. It improve the production efficiency and low the labor cost.

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