Thin Blade Slitter Scorer Machine

Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

Main Features:

1.The sharpening system on this machine is automated. The sharpening switch is independently controlled by each blade. You may effectively extend the life of the blade by adjusting the sharpening interval time based on the production quantity.

2.An electromagnetic motor with a speed adjustment. Follow the belt's deceleration to the host work with the chain drive. The functioning is dependable and steady.

3. The material used for this machine blade is tungsten steel. High-quality and long-lasting, it can slice paper up to 200–400 millimeters.

4.The feeding section's wheel design is pre-pressed. The reducing portion has a 3 mm width. This can guarantee that the paper board won't break and that the polylines will form a straight angle while they are creasing. 

5.The slitting blade has culet and rolling bearing design, and adjust very flexible and convenient carton box making machine.

Specifications :

Photos :

Spare Parts

Slitting Knife 

-Size can be customized 

-Sharp edge

-Efficient cutting 

-Long lasting 

Grinding Wheels

Product Features. 

1) Sharp. Fast grinding and fast sharpening your tools.

2) Long life. Much longer life than traditional abrasive wheels.

3) Well balanced each wheels. 

4) Outer diameter is no change from start to end. 

5) No dust coming out when sharpening and grinding.