Printer Slotter Machine (RS-4)

Semi automatic chain feeder flexo 2,3,4 colors printing slotting rotary die cutting machine

Chain feeder flexo 2,3,4 colors printing slotting rotary die cutting machine

Rotary Slotter With Chain Feeder ,Creasing And Slotting Machine,

Main Features:

1. The machine can print, cut corners, slots, roll lines, and cut edges. It is an integrated device.

2. Use a chain drive with manual paperboard feeding.

3. It offers a 360-degree electric or manual phase adjustment feature that may be used with the machine turned on or off.

4. A manual slotter knife that allows for simultaneous adjustment of four knives for simple and quick operation.

5. The glue roller will raise itself when the machine is turned off, protecting the template from harm.

6. The roller has an automatic idling mechanism to prevent the drying of the water-based ink when the machine is off.

7. Pneumatic locking and electric separation.

8. An ink non-gap adjustment is provided by a pneumatic diaphragm pump.

9. Options include: oil pump lubrication, no gap adjustment, touch screen, cross-guiding block, and VFD motor. 

Specifications :

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Spare Parts

Pneumatic Single Diaphragm Pump For Ink 

widely used in water-based ink printing machine, gravure printing machine, flexible printing machine's ink lifting circulation system, and also can be used to transport other kinds of viscosity liquid, such as water,oil, slurry, corrosive or liquid with small solid particles

Slotting Knives

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