Rotary Slotter Machine (RS-4)

Rotary Slotter With Chain Feeder ,Creasing And Slotting Machine

Rotary Slotter Machine

Rotary Slotter With Chain Feeder ,Creasing And Slotting Machine,

Main Features:

1) To ensure that feed paper is precisely fed, the corrugated cardboard rotary slotter machine (rs4) and corrugated box slotting die cutting machine adopt chain feeding type and bilateral blocking positioning.

2) There are four knife synchronizations for the box height adjustment: length adjustment, top and bottom line pressing, paper cutter and paper pressure rod.

Linkage shift: reduce order transformation time.

3) The phase uses a digital display, an electric 360-degree adjustment, and a planetary gear type structure.

4) The machine transmission has an automatic spray type and a cross slide block structure.

Lubrication, circulation oil supply, free key connection for the gear, disconnect the link

5) The rolling bearing from Harbin is a high-speed, stable-performing rolling bearing, and the electrical appliances use a globally recognized brand.

6) The devices for punching, clasp hands, and free plate quad die cutting are optional. 

Specifications :

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Spare Parts

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