Flute Laminator Machine

Flute Laminator Machine

Description :

High Speed Corrugated Flute Glue Lamination Machine,

Automatic Flute Laminating Machine

1. The paper may be fed precisely into the machine using a vacuum suction-type feeding system; the next batch of paper can be efficiently stacked using cycle stacking planes, which operate continuously. 

2. The bottom sheet uses suction auto feeding and automatically tracks the pace of the face paper. 

3. A new idea for the front gauge location that ensures excellent accuracy and prevents the bottom sheet from pulling ahead.

4. The machine is controlled by a touch screen, PLC, and servo motor. The circuit system is reliable and has the ability to automatically display a failure alert. 

5. Automatic bonding, using circulating glue that prevents glue waste. 

6. Using scientific design, the roller prevents adhesive from flying out at high speeds. 

7. Pressure rollers are quick and easy to adjust from one side. 

8. Easy cleaning due to rocker control over wash roller variation.

Specifications :

>>all ISO9001 standard inspection of materials, with high quality and solid durability. Key parts such as bearings are imported.

>>suitable for 150-450gsm paper, A B C D E F wave and three and five layers cardboard (the maximum thickness is less than 10mm).