Fingerless Corrugation

Fingerless Corrugation Machine

1.The paper guiding adopts wind adsorption, keeping the stability of flutes under the condition of high speed.

2.The corrugated paper is adsorbed to the middle corrugated roller to form a negative pressure zone of 180°and then to finish the rolling of corrugation through the vacuum box by fan

3.The width of suction slot of lower corrugated roller is not more than 2mm, able to reduce the stripe mark on single side corrugated cardboard.

4.PLC control the speed and adjust the glue automatically.

5.Pressure wheel clearance adjustment is fine-tuned by motor driven gear and the size of the adjustment is displayed on the HMI through the displacement sensor

6.It is convenient and fast to adjust the width of the glue surface by electric power. It adopts automatic circulating glue supply, pneumatic glue loading and reduction, which has buffer effect

7.The transmission part adopts variable frequency motor, universal joint drive, isolating vibration source, making transmission more stable, reliable operation and higher maintenance.

8.The reducer casing adopts oil bath lubrication and closed gear transmission, reducing the vibration of machine.